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Absolutely the most unusual sort of daily trader what you can imagine.
Full time housekepper who love trading and want a little more from life.

I love to do things I like. Doing technical things in my workshop and inovating some good things or gardening around the house. Driving motorbike or ald car just for fun. I love trying new things and spending my time with good friends. last 6 years I fall into trading and found what I’m looking for. I love trading and absorbing the market in best way I could.

The page get name by one of my cat with name Hipi. Why? Because usualy came to my trading desk when I trade 🙂

Hipi cat

Everyone wants to know what is “holy grail” of trading!

Everyone who start trading come to this industry with just one reason and this is MAKING MONEY. But trading is much more like making money with buying and selling instruments.

This is job for people with understanding markets and high desire to do this job. Just with enthusiasm and a lot of  confideence and pattience you can succeed in this busisiness.

So what is “HOLY GRAIL” strategy for trading?

The “holy grail” of trading refers to a mythical strategy or system that is believed to be able to consistently and accurately predict market movements and generate large profits for traders. However, in reality, there is no single strategy or system that can guarantee success in trading. The markets are complex and dynamic, and many factors can influence price movements.

Trading is a challenging and risky endeavor, and success in trading requires a combination of knowledge, skills, discipline, and experience. A good trading strategy will be tailored to the individual trader’s needs, interests, and goals, and will be based on a thorough understanding of the markets and the various factors that can influence price movements.

A well-rounded approach that includes a mix of different strategies and techniques, such as technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and risk management, is often considered to be a more effective approach than relying on a single “holy grail” strategy.

It’s important to remember that there is no guaranteed success in trading, and even the best traders will experience losses. The key to success is to manage risk and to continuously learn, adapt and improve your approach.


Depends of system you use for trading. Isn’t matter are you day trader or long term trader you must have good strategy, patinence and consistancy. The key to success.

Let's Work Together!

Follow the tips and advices written on page and with time you will succeed in trading in your own way.




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